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Started in 1993, the first mission of the ICM physicists and engineers was to offer high reliability industrial X-Ray tube to Non Destructive Testing Inspection companies.

Year after year, the ICM industrial X-Ray tubes have imposed themselves as the world leaders in their respective category and the company has known a remarkable growth not only in workforce (36 persons on 06/2007) but also in own capital funds (2 Millions US dollars at the end of 2006). The recent opening of the ICM 100% first subsidiary, "ICM Technical Services", in Malaysia (KL) can be seen by our clients worldwide as the continuation of our strong commitment to serve them with best performing products, better, faster and within the shortest time wherever they are.

At present, ICM X-ray is worldwide recognized as one of the major actors in the X-Ray generation, whatever the final application.

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Thanks to this expertise and to the arrival of engineers highly skilled in digital imaging, ICM X-ray entered the security market in 2001 with the X-Spector, the first product of a range of portable digital X-Ray imaging systems for suspicious abandoned baggage investigation.

In 2005 was launched the FLATSCAN27, the first ever complete system especially designed in cooperation with EOD emergency staff for perfect match with their needs.

In October 2011, ICM presented the second generation of portable x-ray scanner, the FLATSCAN30. The second generation of the E.O.D. scanner has its performances boosted by the latest state of the art technologies. FLATSCAN30 is the second generation of ICM’s highly innovative flat and portable photodiodes scanner system. As a result of improving the majority of its characteristics, the FLATSCAN30 is capable of identifying any threat both faster and in a more secure manner than ever.

For sure, its large but though still growing expertise in X-Rays will lead ICM X-ray to provide many other smart and safe products to security professionals of course, but also to any other field requiring the wonderful assets of the X-Ray technologies.

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